Wednesday, July 13, 2011

11dp5dt, a morning of appointments

First it was off to the pediatrician for Kate’s one-year vaccines. Yes I know, I need to do a birthday post.

We LOVE her pediatrician and were very sad to say goodbye this morning. Kate received a total of 3 jabs (MMR, PCV and Meningococcal C). We’ll do Varicella/ Chicken Pox in the U.S., since it isn’t done here. Her doctor always spends so much time with us; it’s unreal. She also has the most beautiful office. It’s a gorgeous home, err mansion, in a residential neighborhood. I’ve only been on the main level and the walkout basement (the clinical room and waiting area are downstairs), but wow, what a house. I was going to ask if I could take a picture or two, but thought that might be a rather strange request. As we were leaving today, I thanked her for providing such great care for Kate, and she seemed really touched. It's hard to put your trust in someone, and find someone you work well with, especially in a a foreign country. She far exceeded my expectations, which I admit, are high. Again, we are going to miss her. Of course my sweet girl was not happy after receiving three separate shots, but so far she’s handling it well.

Then it was off to the clinic for me. I had a new nurse, quick blood draw and she said someone should call between 4-5pm with the results. I’m still not feeling very hopeful about this beta, and yes, still googling like mad. I had also put in a request for our records, which they had ready for me today. Color me impressed! It was not only free, but everything was organized in a nicely bound notebook. I didn’t see the embryologist’s report from our current cycle, but everything else seems to be in order. Now I’m just waiting for the beta call.


  1. Good luck with the beta results.
    It really sounds like you've lucked out with doctors! It's hard to find doctors in your home country that you like a lot much less a foreign one. Or at least, I've found a few I like here, but they have mostly been public doctors, so I never know if I'll get them when I book an appointment.

    Good luck with traveling back to the US.

  2. Sounds like a very good and productive morning. I hope this afternoon's call is good news! So great that you found a wonderful ped. :)