Friday, July 15, 2011

What does $1336.62 look like?

Well, $1336.62 or €946.94

This afternoon I went to the pharmacy to pick up a one-month supply of meds, just to keep me pregnant. And this does not include the almost $1000 a month of another med I have to take; I still have enough of it left over to keep me going for another three weeks. It is days like this that I hate our insurance company, which covers nada.

The regular pharmacist was out today, but her coworker was just as lovely. She couldn’t get over Kate, commenting on her cuteness, her outfit, etc. After she brought the bag of meds to the front, and totaled them, she asked the question I’m used to at the pharmacy, “Is this okay?" While I appreciate them asking, because yeah, it’s a lot of money, I’m never quite sure what to say. I mean, it has to be “okay.”

Honestly, right now I’m just hoping that next month I'll still have a reason to drop a couple thousand dollars on more meds. I scheduled an appointment with my GP on Wednesday, thyroid panel and another beta. The waiting is awful. Still no pregnancy symptoms, just a lot of cramping :(


  1. That's a lot of money to spend but I also hope that you keep having to spend it. Also, don't worry about no symptoms just yet. The cramping is a good's your uterus changing and accepting the growing embryo. Best of luck and I hope that you get a GIANT beta number next week.

  2. I'm happy to offer my gestone once again! It may be just a drop in the ocean but I've no use for it, so you are more than welcome to it.

  3. What insurance do you have? I have BCBS Federal Basic, and even though they supposedly don't cover anything, I file a claim for every single expense and pretty often they do pay. I'm afraid one day they'll come asking for the money back, but for the moment, surprisingly, they're paying.

  4. Fran, if you are absolutely certain that you have no use for the gestone, I'd love to have it. It would help so, so much :)

    Liz, I'm shocked to read that. We have the standard plan and they have denied everything that we've submitted. They actually called our house (Irish number) a few nights ago, asking for "diagnostic codes", which obviously aren't even used here. They also sent us a nasty letter in December stating they won't cover any meds. When I asked if they would cover things like progesterone during pregnancy I was told no. I'm really not surprised though; I had to call them over 60 times (usually a sobbing mess by the end of the call) to get them to cover my maternity care in Dublin. This after numerous letters from my high-risk OB. I've not had a pleasant experience with them.

  5. Oh, that's a lot to spend, but as long as it works.

    Huge congratulations to you! I'm a little late to the party...but I know you understand. I'll be praying for the little bean to stick around!