Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th and 5th, a little late

A belated Happy July 4th. We went to the official party at the Ambassador’s Residence. I believe the turnout this year was just over 2500 people. Big party, food, football (hey, when your ambassador owns the Steelers, there’s bound to be football). They even had a Starbuck’s booth set up. Unfortunately there was no decaf (I’m only drinking decaf right now, just in case). Though I did realize that I must go to Starbucks entirely too often since a few of the baristas from our local store recognized me and Kate. Oops. The weather was absolutely perfect and I think everyone had a great time!

Yesterday I had an intralipid infusion, again. I noticed that there was a new television in the immunotherapy room, but didn’t pay much attention until the program came back after the commercial. The television was set to MTV and “Teen Mom” was on. It was so wildly inappropriate that it was actually funny. The nurse caught it and changed the channel. Yep, just what adult women going through IVF want to watch, dumb teenage girls who get pregnant easily, and by accident. From the few minutes of the show that I did see, TRAIN WRECK! Those poor children :(

I was able to see some of my favorite nurses, and it was hard, because for all I know, that may have been the last time I’ll ever be at the clinic. Dr. Fabulous was busy when I left, but I’ll at least call her to say goodbye before we leave Dublin. My absolute favorite woman in the front office did my paperwork and billing yesterday. I will miss her so much, and I did drop off a request for my records. As I was leaving, she asked if I needed to make another appointment. ::sigh:: Not yet, but I hope so.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous party! I'm still crossing my fingers for you this cycle. I've never watched one second of Teen Mom. These girls are famous and in all the tabloids...great examples, huh? I just can't bring myself to pay attention to any of it. I'm glad the nurse realized what was on and changed the channel.

  2. Hi, belatedly coming over for ICLW (see my blog for apoloogy!).

    Great party sounds like.

    Your comment about Teen Mom made me laugh. I call it typical!

  3. PS beautiful kitties (and you're little girl's not too bad either ;-D)

  4. Ahhh, Teen Mom. I experienced similar thoughts as I worked at an alternative high school (a school for at-risk students, many of whom were pregnant or juggling their kids as they tried to finish high school), meanwhile, there I am having been trying for 2 1/2 years to get pregnant..... Ahh, the irony.

  5. It must be so bitter sweet for you. I really hope this wonderful clinic helps to get you pregnant this time:)
    Wow - the ambassador sounds rich and fancy! Kate looks so sweet and adorable:)
    Hugs to you!