Monday, June 22, 2009

a couple of ciders and a couple of questions

There’s no better time for a pear cider over ice than a sunny evening in Dublin. After leaving the Street Performance World Championship, our group headed over to a favorite place for a few pear ciders. It was a lovely time of good conversation, nice drinks, and beautiful weather.

As we were drinking our cider and spending a pleasant afternoon together, a man approached our table and began to make small talk. While I’m sure his intentions were pure, nobody at our table is comfortable sharing personal information with strangers, particularly overseas. So, to the overly eager gentleman who interrupted our conversation, I guarantee that you did not get truthful answers to such questions as where are you from, why are you here, where are you staying, and how long will you be here.

Getting back to the evening… We had planned to have dinner where we were having cider, but one member of our party had the grand idea to have dinner at The Lobster Pot. Though I’ve not tried before, I’ve heard that this restaurant can be notoriously difficult to get into. Luck was on our side, one phone call later and we had a reservation. I’ll post a review of it, and more Saturday night fun, tomorrow.

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