Monday, June 22, 2009

Street Performance World Championship

Saturday afternoon we stopped by the Street Performance World Championship. All four people in our party were very disappointed. The stages weren’t raised platforms, but instead designated areas of grass. It was impossible to see the performers because the surrounding crowds were all at least eight people deep.

Upon entering the park, the first “performer” we tried to watch was obnoxious and using a lot of potty humor while interacting with children. I was immediately turned off. Some of the other performers may have been decent, but again, the crowds. We wandered around for 30 minutes or so, then decided that there are much better ways to spend a sunny afternoon in Dublin.

If this seems a little harsh, please know that I’m not a fan of most street performers in the first place, I’m definitely not a fan of crowds, and I’m really, really not a fan of spending time in a place with thousands of little kids and strollers.

So, off we went…

Edited to add: according to the Metro paper, there were more than 180,000 people in attendance. The winners are the USA break-dancing team.

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