Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime

I recently wrote a post about finding the perfect summer drink, Rekorderlig’s Berry Cider. A review I included in the post mentioned that the Strawberry & Lime flavor is the most popular from the company. I was able to locate it and after arriving home from a full day of running errands, I was ready for something cold to drink.

The Strawberry & Lime is decent, but not nearly as tasty as the Berry flavor. I found it to be too sweet, with a bit of an aftertaste. The Berry is well, perfect.

We’re invited to a bbq at a neighbor’s house this evening, so I’m going to bring some of the Rekorderlig ciders for our host and other guests to try. I will stick with the berry flavor; it really is the perfect summer drink.


  1. I would like to agree with your comments about the strawberry & lime cider, but have yet to taste other flavours.
    This is due to finding it in asda's, falling in love with it almost & now I am unable to find it anywhere!!!
    Please could you let me know where you purchase this product from????
    Many Thanks

  2. Tesco on Merrion in Dublin 4.

  3. Is this really cider as it seems to be spring water with flavourings as stated on the label.