Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the perfect summer drink

My husband and I were at one of our favorite restaurants in Temple Bar a few months ago and ordered a pear cider. The waitress asked if we'd like to try a brand from Sweden. When she brought our order, she mentioned that this particular brand is supposed to be served over ice. Delicious.

On Saturday I was at the grocery store and noticed the Swedish cider. Not only do they have the wonderful pear cider, they have berry cider. Even though the weather last weekend was certainly not meant for drinking chilled beverages, I had to try the berry cider.

We filled up our Guinness glasses with ice, popped open the cider, poured, took sip, and that is when I fell in love. The berry cider is amazing. Everything about it is perfect, including the color ;)

Here's a description from a Finnish beverage importing company,


Hugely popular both in its native Sweden and in Finland, Rekorderlig is a perfect drink for the Scandinavian taste. The secret of its clear flavour is in fresh spring water and exciting flavor combinations.

The Rekorderlig family has severalwonderful berry and fruitflavours, together with fresh sugarless variants. The flavours are innovative and the combinations are enchanting. The most popular flavour is Strawberry&Lime which already is in the top of the cider bestsellers in many retail chains. The Rekorderlig ciders get plenty of feedback from satisfied friends of cider. Rekorderlig has been praised especially for the purity and freshness of its taste and the excellent selection of flavours. We listen to consumers' wishes for new flavours.
Rekorderlig's market share keeps growing which shows that consumers have taken to the brand.
Read more:"

I'm looking forward to trying the Strawberry & Lime flavor.

Run to your local liquor store and buy a bottle today!


  1. *counting the days until I can have a good drink* ;-)

    That's going on my need to try list. I hope I can find it here!

  2. Can I ask which grocery you bought it in? It aounds fab. Incidently Bulmers are now making a pear cider here in Ireland. I haven't tried it yet but I've heard it's nice.

  3. I bought it at Tesco on Merrion Rd. I've also tried the Bulmers Pear and it's very good. I was surprised because I normally don't care for cider, but there is something about the additional berries or pear that makes them very tasty :)