Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dear Tesco Grocery, again? really?

For the past ten months, every fourth time I have been in your store, something, or several things have been moved. I am not exaggerating when I write that the milk my husband likes has now been located in no less than eight places. The items in your produce department have been moved around at least four times, and the bread, I won’t even mention that part of store. I know I’m not alone in the frustration I experience during my shopping trips. Products disappearing, the constant rearranging. What’s up?

While shopping a few days ago, I noticed that you were gearing up for another big 'let’s frustrate the customer', I mean, 'rearrange our fine products'. However, what I saw the other day could not have prepared me for what I witnessed this morning.

Just a few observations that left me a bit perplexed:
flour and baking products in three areas of the store, including next to the canned anchovies and tuna
dvds and cds across from the cereal
cookies across from the nappies and baby food
pet products in three different places
several brands of juice so high that my almost 6’ tall husband could barely reach them
canned soup in three areas, including in the refrigerated section, next to the crackers and cereal

Now that is just weird. Canned soup, cereal, and crackers now need to be refrigerated? Aren’t you worried that they will become soggy?

We enjoy shopping at your store as it’s the only large grocery near our home and your employees are always friendly and helpful. I certainly hope that you are not done rearranging the store, because what I saw this morning is just bizarre.

A loyal customer

PS- thank you for leaving the alcohol alone. By the time I’m done shopping, I need that bottle of wine.

To those of you who live here and know me IRL, go to Tesco if you need a good laugh. Nothing makes one giggle like a box of Corn Flakes in need of refrigeration.


  1. This post cracked me up. I lived in the UK for almost four years and while it was GREAT to have a nice huge Tesco's to shop in (I'd moved there from NYC which has no real superstores), it made me insane the way that they kept moving things around.

  2. ::giggle::
    I hate it when my store rearranges, but it's never been quite that bizarre.