Saturday, June 6, 2009

there goes the weekend….

Last night there was an embassy bbq that we were scheduled to attend. I was ready to go, the desserts I was bringing were ready to go, unfortunately my husband was not ready to go; he was stuck at work. He was so stuck that he didn’t get home until several hours after the bbq ended and is back at work today. Boo :(

This work nonsense in addition to the 180 with the weather has changed/ ruined our weekend plans. Today we had planned to go to a home improvement store to buy supplies for an outdoor herb garden. It is pouring outside, raining buckets, hail, wind, YUCK! What happened? It has been beautiful here for a full week, sunny skies, pleasant temps, bit of a breeze, now this? It’s June!!

I guess today will be a day of indoor projects. I have no desire to run errands in the nastiness outside, and I really, really have no desire to plant anything in this mess.

Oh well, maybe next weekend.

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