Tuesday, June 9, 2009

new feature, reviews of cookbooks and recipes

I’ve decided to start using my cookbooks more often. Throughout the next two years (until we move again), I’m going to experiment with new recipes and decide whether particular cookbooks are worth keeping or need to be donated. I’m very picky about cookbooks and only like them if they include lots of pictures, readily available ingredients, and nutritional information. However even with that criteria, I seem to have too many again. It’s time to figure out which will make the next move and which will be donated.

My goal is to try at least two new recipes per week. Depending on our schedule and availability of ingredients, it may be more. The first recipe and a review will be posted tomorrow.


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  2. Be careful. It gets to be quite addicting. I was trying up to 5 a week for a while there. LOL

    I'll be looking forward to your recipes. I'm taking a small break from mine during grilling and newborn season. ;-)