Monday, August 24, 2009

they might want to change the name

Yesterday my husband decided to run some errands, including picking up some cat litter. There’s only one pet store (that we’ve found) that carries the type of litter I use for the cats, and it’s across the city. He called to inform me that the store was out of the brand we usually buy. I told him to go ahead and get a different brand, just to be sure it was the clumping variety.

He came home and said that the store only had one brand of clumping litter in stock. Now, I know I've complained about the high cost of living here, but this is ridiculous. One bag of “The World’s Best Cat Litter” was €56, that’s $80 for a bag of litter.

CRAZY! I think they might want to change the name to “World’s Most Expensive Cat Litter.”

Guinness and Bella have my husband wrapped around their little paws, so no trip to the pet store is complete without a new toy or treat. He bought them catnip bubbles.

Unfortunately the cats weren’t very interested. Better luck next time.


  1. I've seen that corn stuff on the internet. I'd be interested in knowing if it really works (assuming your cats will even try it). But, holy-moly, that's expensive!

  2. I see that you cat wasn't overly impressed but - catnip bubbles!! I want some! For my cat, obviously... ;-)

  3. My kitties hate the bubbles too :(