Thursday, August 6, 2009

cards, wine, and I can't believe what I see

After I left the hospital, I walked over to the grocery store to buy a bottle of wine for a dinner party tomorrow night. I was early (alcohol isn’t sold until 10:30am), so I walked to the card store to buy birthday cards. Unfortunately the cards aren’t marked with prices, just codes. So yeah, $16 for two birthday cards ::rolling my eyes:: and they aren’t big or particularly fancy. I paid for the cards and headed back over to the grocery store. You couldn’t have imagined my surprise to find

That’s right, “I can’t believe it’s not Butter”. This is getting strange, I think someone from Tesco really is reading the blog. I might just start doing a weekly blog post of products I’d like them to carry ;)

Tide laundry detergent
Neutrogena sunscreen


  1. Blogs reach out in the strangest of ways! LOL. Keep on blogging.

  2. Jenn, interesting that in Dublin things appear when you blog about them, versus the other place we lived in which they disappeared when mentioned ;)