Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Dublin Horse Show starts tomorrow

Dublin is proving to be a wonderful place for me to indulge in all of my hobbies. First the Volvo Regatta, now a horse show!

The Dublin Horse Show runs Aug 5-9 at the RDS. I had planned to attend all five days, but even the general admission tickets are a little pricy, so I think I’ll just go one day and buy good seats in the main arena. Should be a great time!

For more information http://www.dublinhorseshow.com/

PS- To my parents, I know I didn’t say it often enough, thank you for buying Sweet William for me, and paying for the years of riding lessons, stable fees, and other misc. horse related expenses. To my friend who will remain nameless in blog land, thank you for sharing your horse with me in Germany and Belarus. I hope you will visit next summer so we can attend the horse show together :)

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