Tuesday, February 16, 2010

another OB appointment, prepared this time

Last Wednesday I had another OB appointment. I’m sorry it took so long to write a quick update; it’s just that Guinness has been my main concern and all of my energy is going toward him right now. I thought I should throw this post in so you don’t think the blog is all about Guinness, and so you know that the baby is doing well.

After finding out that I’m supposed to hand carry a urine sample from the ladies room to the waiting room and finally hand it to my doctor, I decided to come prepared. Instead of allowing a small, specimen cup to roam loosely in my purse, I came armed with a Ziplock bag, you know, just in case the plastic lid should fail.

in case you were wondering, yes it's empty, and yes, it is much smaller than the specimen cups used in the U.S.

The appointment was fine and the baby looks great on ultrasound. Unfortunately the machine was out of paper, so I didn’t get a picture. NOT happy about that. My doctor said that my blood pressure was “perfect.” At my previous appointment he had said that it was “textbook”, so this time he asked me if I always had such perfect blood pressure. Yes, yes I do.

He wrote a prescription for me, booked the next appointment, and off I went. Of course now there is a little, okay big, problem with the prescription, but I’m currently trying to remedy that, and shall blog about it later.


  1. Glad Guiness is doing okay. Serious bummer about not having an ultrasound pic. I would be so pissed! You deserve a free u/s WITH pic at your next appt!!!!!

  2. Yay for the baby looking good! :)

    Hoping Guiness is feeling better...