Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the Guinness roller coaster

Yesterday morning we picked up Guinness at the university. His vet said that he was having a good morning, had eaten breakfast, etc.. She had started him on steroids and wanted to see him later in the day to do a neuro exam. She also presented his case at rounds again. Everyone agreed that it’s a very mysterious case and that everything possible has been done (testing and treatment).

Guinness spent the day at home. He relaxed quite a bit, but also went up and down the stairs a few times, as if to say, “see mom, I’m okay, I don’t need to go back to that place.”

We took him back for his neuro exam and spoke with his vet again. She had heard back from both neurologists in the U.K. The one that she particularly likes (refers to him as the God of neurology) said that he’s never seen anything like this. His only suggestion was to send a sample of Guinness’ urine to the U.S. for a particular test. Basically providing confirmation of a Lysosomal storage disease, if that’s in fact what this is. Unfortunately there is no cure and it’s also very expensive to do, though at least we would have an answer.

Guinness is also now demonstrating some bizarre eye movement during his neuro exams, indicative of a brain disorder. The vet would like him to be seen by the opthamologist. The radiologists at the university did see something abnormal on the MRI, but it was “very subtle” and not cause for concern. We are still waiting for the official report from the radiologists in the U.K.

During his neuro exam he started having another episode. We brought him home and after resting for 30 minutes or so, he recovered. Last night he was right there when dinner was served and bedtime treats were handed out. He spent the night making the rounds, downstairs, upstairs, meowing, and sleeping. I think the best part of all was when he snuggled in bed with me, face to face, even giving me a few kisses on the nose.

Today he’s acting like a healthy, happy cat. He’s been up and down the stairs several times, used the litter box, and nibbled on some food. He spent some time snoozing on my lap, purring away. As I tried to eat my lunch, he crawled all over me trying to get at my food. He likes his water like I do, cold with ice. I added some ice cubes to his water dish and he took several sips.

This afternoon I’m taking him back to the university for his steroid injection and neuro exam. I will give the vet the update, the good and the bad.

The roller coaster continues…..

showing off his bright, red bandage

waiting for his doctor

Where I found him last night. He had put himself to bed.


  1. I am so glued to your blog and can't wait for more updates on Guinness. One day at a time and now he seems to be doing well and I'm really happy about it. Give him a cuddle from me. Love, Fran

  2. Awww, he is so sweet. I love when you post pics of him. :) He sounds like he is the sweetest, most lovable cat, and he is so lucky to have you, who loves him so much.

  3. Oh, my...he is a fighter. And he's so cute too. I'm glad he's doing better, but you are right it's a roller coaster for sure. I just wish (as I know you do) that there was an answer at this point. I will keep waiting for updates and hoping and praying for the best.

  4. He is such a beautiful, brave boy. Hoping for the best for him.

  5. I am so glad Guinness is getting some good old home fun and loving and is enjoying his usual routine, and that he's giving you kisses and cuddles. It does sound like a real rollercoaster ride for you all. Sending hugs and positive healing hopeful thoughts:)

  6. Oh it was so good to read he at least at some good time at home with you. I just melted when I saw him in bed, poor sweet baby boy. He is so so so lucky to have such an awesome mommy. I am so praying for him and hoping whatever is going on can be solved or adressed and soon. Give him a big warm hug from me and my babies here in Cairo. We are all so rooting for Guinness.

  7. What a beautiful, brave, strong little fighter. I hope that answers come soon and that things do get better. I cry when I read this but he is so lucky to have such a wonderful mom who is doing everything she can for him.