Thursday, February 18, 2010

Guinness and anesthesia = bad combo

On Tuesday the lead veterinarian on Guinness’ case called to let me know that he had woken up from anesthesia (for the MRI and spinal tap), that he was moving around, had eaten, and that we could pick him up in a few hours. She also said that there were no “major abnormalities” on the MRI.

We arrived at the clinic and he was awake, barely. The lead vet said that there was something found on the MRI in the midbrain. The images were sent to the UK to be read by an MRI expert and the spinal tap results should be ready in a few days.

Upon arriving home, he belly crawled out of the carrier, a few inches into his favorite hiding spot, the bottom bookshelf where I keep my yoga mat. He was in there all night long. Wednesday morning I finally pulled him out and syringed 2 cc's of water down his throat. Throughout the day he was lethargic, refusing food and water, including his favorites, cooked chicken and Whiskas cat milk.

I finally called the hospital and left a message. The head of anesthesia for veterinary medicine called me back within minutes. We had a long discussion and she assured me that he had eaten and had some water upon waking up (I’m not entirely convinced). I really don’t think she understood how very out of it he was. I had to leave for an appointment, and left him snoozing on my bed.

When I got home a few hours later, he hadn’t moved. Last night was a rough night. Again, refused food, refused water, didn’t use the litter box, nada. After dinner I was sitting at the laptop and he crawled into my lap, though just couldn’t get comfortable. He eventually made his way back to the bookshelf and it appeared that he would once again spend the night there. My husband agreed to sleep on the couch so he could watch him.

Around 2am, I woke up to a cat trying to get under the covers next to me. I reached down, assuming it was Bella, and my hand was greeted to a little, bald head and the sound of my boy purring. I was ecstatic. He had climbed the stairs by himself and managed to get onto the bed. We had a wonderful cuddle.

This morning my husband spoon fed him a little bit of wet food, though I had still planned to call the university since two days later, he’s still not very alert, nor has he eaten enough, IMO. Wouldn’t you know, ten minutes before I was to call, the little monkey walked himself into the kitchen and ate some dry food. Since he’s showing signs of improvement, I’m going to hold off for now and continue to encourage wet food and possibly syringe more water into him (he needs some hydration).

The veterinarian should be calling later today or tomorrow with the spinal tap results. Again, we should know something more conclusive about the MRI next week.

Thank you all for your support. Guinness appreciates it too. Yes, I read the comments to him :)

my brave boy


  1. I'm so glad Guinness is back to being your love-bunny. I've been following his progress as eagerly as I follow other IF blogs. He looks like a smaller version of my Sharkey.

    Oh, and I'm so glad you got pics at the "OB" this time, too! LOL

  2. Tell Guinness that we love him and that he's a good boy!

  3. Keep getting better, baby boy-cat!

  4. What a trooper he is. How sweet that he crawled into your bed with his little bald head. I hope you get results soon so you can find out what the next steps are. Sending lots of hugs to you allxoxoxox