Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday evening, Guinness update

I just spoke to the veterinarian handling Guinness’ case. Her colleague was able to get a very good video of Guinness having an episode yesterday, as I mentioned in the previous post. The video has already been sent to a neuro-specialist in New Zealand for review. His report should be back early next week.

Right now they are leaning toward it being one or two components, the cerebellum in the brain (controls movement) or a muscular disease. There are also abnormalities in his blood work, which can influence nerves and muscles. One aspect is that his potassium was very low, so low in fact that she wants to retest it to rule out a lab error. She would also like to draw bloods on him both before and after an episode to see if there is any difference in the electrolytes. We will be taking him back to the hospital for this tomorrow :(

We were initially told that the MRI machine would be at the hospital next Friday, but now the test is scheduled for Tuesday. Unfortunately Guinness will have to spend the night at the hospital on Monday to have an anesthesia workup. That’s all the information I have as of this evening. More of his lab results should be available when we take him to the hospital in the morning.


  1. I'm glad to hear he's getting such thorough care!

  2. I feel so sorry for him, I truly hope they'll find what's wrong with him and that above all that's fixable. Much love

  3. Poor Guinness! I have to say I am super impressed at the thoroughness of his care - fancy getting a consult from New Zealand. Is this costing you a fortune or is it subsidized by the university?
    Sending hugs and purrs to you all:)xo

  4. tireegal68, we have pet insurance for both of the cats. This will still cost quite a bit, but the pet insurance should take care of part/ most of it.

  5. I'm sorry that Guinness will have to spend a night in hospital but glad he is getting such good care, poor brave little boy!