Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday morning, Guinness update

Last night I returned home after my appointment and was greeted by my husband, Bella, and Guinness!! Apparently poor Guinness had been hiding in the bookshelf since being picked up at the hospital, but came out to see me. We are thrilled to have him back at home. Unfortunately Bella doesn’t share our enthusiasm. Guinness smells like he’s been away and around other animals. Bella takes this as an invitation to hiss and growl at him. Hopefully the unfamiliar smell on his fur will disappear in the next few days and Bella will relax a bit.

Now the Guinness update. Even though my husband had arrived at the hospital early, the vet and students that we had dealt with earlier in the day had already left. A different vet brought Guinness to my husband and spoke to him about the day and the plan. As I understand it, Guinness had another episode while at the hospital and the staff was able to get their own video of it, in addition to the one I had taken the previous night. Most of Guinness’ blood work isn’t back yet, but he tested negative for one disease (my husband couldn’t remember which one). This morning Guinness’ case is going to be presented to other vets at the hospital. It sounds like Grand Rounds, feline style. As of right now, the team handling Guinness’ case is leaning toward doing the MRI next Friday. There was some discussion of this possibly being a seizure disorder, but I’m hoping that I misunderstood that.

For now Guinness is resting (he’s exhausted) and I’m waiting (not so patiently) for the phone to ring. The vet in charge of Guinness’ case is supposed to call me today to discuss yesterday’s finding and the next step as far as diagnosing him.


  1. I bet he's exhausted. Poor kitty! And then to be growled at by his sister? The poor thing! Glad he's home with you!

  2. I'm trying to picture Feline Grand Rounds, and am cracking up. I'm not sure why.

    Good luck. I'm glad Guinness is home at least for now. Tell Bella to get over it.

  3. Poor Guinness, I'm obviously eager to hear news, please post as soon as you have any. Much love, Fran

  4. I do hope they find a cause, and more importantly a remedy to help your sweet Guinness. As someone who has a very close bond with my furry little boy and hates, Hates, HATES when he gets sick or I suspect he is sick I completely sympathize with you. It's so difficult that they can't talk and tell you what's bothering them. I'll be keeping up with your blog and hoping for some great Guinness news!! Congrats on the pregnancy and on being done with PIO!! :)