Friday, July 24, 2009

and it’s only noon

I came downstairs around 6am, Bella closely at my heels. I knew something was wrong when instead of following me into the kitchen she headed toward the foyer and started sniffing at my shoes. Sure enough, Guinness had an accident on two pairs of my New Balance running shoes (one pair brand new). Great. So I cleaned that up, threw away some shoes, and started the laundry.

I made some tea, did some paperwork and the phone rang. It was a lovely woman telling me that a man would be over in 15 minutes or so to install a new refrigerator and freezer. Wonderful, expect that I had 15 minutes to get everything out of the refrigerator and freezer and run it down to the basement fridge. So, as I’m running up and down the stairs I hear the Magic Jack (U.S. phone line) ringing. Since only our American relatives call that number and it was the middle of the night in the U.S., I decided it must be an emergency and raced upstairs to where the Magic Jack phone is located. Nope, it was my husband calling from work (a mile away) to tell me that the repairman would be at the house any minute, and oh by the way our house phone must be off the hook and why wasn’t I answering my cell. I ran downstairs to check the phone, nope it was on the hook, but didn’t have a dial tone. After 45 minutes of trading phones around, changing wires, etc.. I decided it must be in the line, the phone company was contacted and they promised to send a repairman.

Repairman 1 arrived and in the two plus hours it took to uninstall the old refrigerator and freezer and install the new, much smaller refrigerator/ freezer, the kitchen floor was turned into a disaster of work materials, sawdust, and knocked over cat dishes of food and water. He was really nice about helping me clean up, including brushing all of the wood chips and sawdust onto the plastic wrapping material that came with the new appliance. Of course as he was leaving, the wrapping material hit the wall in the foyer and it all spilled onto the floor; I didn’t say anything. He really was a nice guy and did a great job of installing the new appliances and reattaching the doors. I swept the foyer, then mopped the foyer, hallway, and kitchen for the second time today. Hopefully it will dry before the telephone repairman arrives.

And on and on it goes… it’s now 3pm, still no telephone repairman. The only service number I have for the company is four digits and has always worked in the past. I have dialed the number repeatedly and have received an “error in connection” message every time.

And now it’s 4pm. I finally got through and spoke with two different people. Now they are saying 2-3 working days. GRRRR!

I am ready for today to be over.

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