Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gourmet Burger Company

We decided to check out the restaurant, “Gourmet Burger Company” based on the recommendation of a friend. One of the specialties on the menu is a Kobe beef burger. While I’m a huge fan of Kobe beef, €39.95 ($56 USD) for a hamburger on a weeknight seems a bit high, so we opted for food from the regular menu. The staff are very friendly, our order was prepared as requested, and the food was very flavorful. The beef is 100% organic and all hamburgers are served with fresh, crisp lettuce, a beef tomato slice, and a large dill pickle. The hamburgers are huge so a side dish such as onion rings or French fries can definitely be shared. The bill for two hamburgers, one order of fries, and drinks was around €30. Overall a great experience. Stop by "Gourmet Burger Company" if you are in town. Yum!

97 Ranelagh Road
Dublin 6

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