Tuesday, July 28, 2009

cats with a new toy

We purchased a new garbage can last weekend and the cats decided the packaging was a new toy for them.

Bella pulled some plastic out of the hole.

I spy with my little eye...

Guinness was too big to fit through the hole.

Bella enjoys walking on the lid and falling in. Silly cat.

The box *might* be in the living room now because it's just too entertaining to watch them play.


  1. Your kitties are just so cute! I was showing their photos to my husband one night. He was wondering where you got their collars and name tags? They are fab! I thought our furries were stylish with their Newbridge cat collars, but I think yours are even more glamourous :o)

  2. The collars and name tags came with them from the DSPCA. We were at "Woodies DIY" store last month and found the same collars, so check there. If you don't have a "Woodies" where you live, come to Dublin :)