Wednesday, July 15, 2009

switching doses, switching doctors

Every time we move (2-3 years, or 8 months in the Belarus fiasco) I have to find new doctors. A new GP or internist, new OB/GYN, new RE, new allergist, new endocrinologist and new, whoever else they want me to see. Every time I meet with a new doctor I have to explain previous medical history and meds. They are always surprised that I alternate the dose of thyroid medication every other day; the dose I need isn't available. I’ve had thyroid issues for over a decade and switching the meds seem to keep it the most stable. I’ve had numerous consults with endocrinologists in several countries, thyroid ultrasounds, and more blood work than I care to remember. The last scan showed that my thyroid is 67% of the normal size and shrinking, thus leading the endocrinologist to tell me it was autoimmune. She suggested I have my thyroid tested every 3 months, thyroid scan every 12 months. Fair enough. I had kind of suspected it was autoimmune because I have an extensive family history of autoimmune and thyroid disorders. She also recommended that my RE order a blood test for AT-TPO (anti thyroid peroxidase), which he had already done.

normal range 0-34 IU/mL me 550.80 IU/mL (definitely autoimmune)

As of yesterday, I was all set to start treatment (another IVF) with the RE we wanted to use. After reviewing the thyroid and autoimmune issues with the experts, it was decided I should see someone else. The thyroid and autoimmune issues complicate IVF success rates and last time I was only on baby aspirin and Medrol to prevent my body from rejecting the embryos. Due to some other complications, my last RE wasn’t comfortable with me doing daily heparin injections until I had experienced three losses (not happy about that). I’m hoping the new doctor will put me on heparin right away, or possibly there is something even better now. We shall see.

So, as of today we are on hold for a little bit longer. I just have to trust that this is the right decision and if things go according to plan, we will have a live baby with the next IVF. September can’t get here fast enough!

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