Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dear Tesco Grocery, did you not recieve the first letter?

Dear Tesco Grocery,

Apparently you didn’t receive my previous letter because things are getting even more bizarre in your store. While it appears that the constant rearranging has slowed down, for now, I’m just baffled by the latest items in the refrigerated area. The last time I checked, ice cream cones and cleaning supplies do not need to be chilled. In fact, I think glass cleaner works just fine at room temperature. I also noticed that the ice cream is on both sides of the aisle now. That’s fine, except that it’s mixed in with breaded, frozen fish. Ew!

On a positive note, thank you for the recently added pet products. We are quite pleased that you now carry Iams cat food. The cats are even more pleased that you have added Whiska’s Dentabits treats. Next to Pounce from the U.S., Dentabits are a favorite of both kitties.

While on the subject of adding new products, here are a few suggestions. Lime juice, sorbet, and laundry detergent for sensitive skin.

Still a loyal customer

PS- As I mentioned in the previous letter, you keep moving the milk my husband likes. As of Saturday, it’s completely gone. Please bring the milk back. Thanks!

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