Friday, July 31, 2009


FYI- If you missed my previous spider post, I detest spiders. Actually I dislike and fear all unwelcome critters that show up in my house. This little story is from this morning, and of course happened AFTER my husband left for work.

There’s a dark basket in the living room in which I store the cat toys and brushes. This morning Guinness was pawing into the basket as if he were trying to pull a toy out. The cats are quite capable of getting most of the toys out themselves, but I decided to help him anyway. I pulled a few toys out and he was still pawing into the basket. I had finally pulled all of the toys out and he was still pawing into the basket. Hmm, maybe he wants to be brushed, unusual, but I thought I'd try. I took a brush out, had one swipe on his back and he walked away.

A minute later I noticed that both cats were REALLY interested in something on the floor. SPIDER! HUGE SPIDER! I plead with both of them to kill it, but they looked at me like I was nuts. While I stood there panicking, Guinness finally took a swipe at it and it curled up. I wish it would have been next to something so you could have compared the size, it was HUGE. The camera happened to be sitting on the bookshelf above the spider, so I managed to get a quick picture before running to the foyer to grab my husband’s shoe. The spider met its demise and left a HUGE mess for me to clean up. What a way to start the day.

The worst part about this is that the spider was likely what Guinness was pawing at in the basket, so my hand was next it, possibly touching it. ACK!!!

I either need a spider free house or braver cats!

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  1. Funny post! Women and their cute phobias! Though your cats should have killed it. Maybe there were not hungry?