Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ARGH! ::pulling my hair out::

Phrases I hate that I have heard at least 11 billion times today....

Thank you for holding. Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line for the next available representative.

Please state the nature of your call. ::pushes 0:: Yes, I realize you would like to speak to a representative. Please state the nature of your call. ::waits silently:: I didn’t understand you. Please state the nature of your call. ::steam pours out of ears:: Please state the nature of your call. ::pushes 0:: Yes, I realize you would like to speak to a representative. Please state the nature of your call. “overseas reimbursement”. For overseas claims, blah, blah, blah blah. I hope I have answered your questions today. Goodbye. ::RAGE::

::call back:: Please state the nature of your call. ::pushes 0:: and on we go. I NEED TO SPEAK TO A REAL PERSON THANKYOUVERYMUCH

And why you ask, did I put myself through this aggravation? Well, although our health insurance doesn’t cover infertility treatment, I thought maybe, just maybe they would cover the Heparin and Prednisone, clearly not fertility drugs. I checked with the online pharmacy that our insurance contracts with. Both generic heparin and prednisone have low copays. YAY!

Unfortunately, the online pharmacy for our OVERSEAS benefit plan will, wait for it, wait for it……

not mail OVERSEAS. ::faints::

However, they will ship within the U.S. “to a trusted friend or family member”, who can then ship to me overseas using DHL or Fed Ex, at my expense. If you’ve over-nighted a box using DHL or Fed Ex lately, it’s not cheap. Oh, and then there's that little thing called customs.

Hours upon hours I have been speaking, err, I mean on hold today. The insurance, then the pharmacy, then the insurance, then the pharmacy. I’m done, DONE I scream! And I could soooooo go for a glass of wine right now, except that I’m waiting for the clinic to call so I can tell them I need the Heparin and Prednisone filled here. ::sigh::


  1. Oy, that sounds ridiculously frustrating!

  2. Wow that is one sucky day! Speaking as a Chitowner where the famous labs are,
    I somehow think I should be able to do something to expedite things. Hoping all your calls aren't in vain:)

  3. is it medco? I could tell you stories about the fights I've had with Medco about DH's medicine and we were shipping to NJ.

  4. Oh I so relate to the ridiculous amounts of drugs I took to get pregnant, stay pregnant, and continue after I had the baby... progesterone, lovenox, heparin, transfusions, etc...

    However, I'm surprised to hear about the insurance not covering your drugs... you're on BCBS FEP plan right?

  5. Jill, yes we have BCBS FEP. They refuse to cover any meds associated with IVF because there is no infertility coverage associated with the plan. Even if they did cover some of the non IVF meds (heparin, prednisone), we are a dip pouch post, so no glass or liquids. The infamous mail order pharm. company we all deal with can't/ won't send meds through the pouch.

    PS- absolutely love your blog