Wednesday, September 30, 2009

stamps hired on husband’s forehead

A little background: I’d rather not go into details in order to protect peoples’ privacy, but let’s just say that for my first IVF neither my husband nor I did any of my injections. We had help, wonderful, fabulous helpers that I miss dearly. ::dries tears::

Moving along....
I worked in health care, specifically anesthesia, so I am more than comfortable with medication, needles, and all things regularly seen in the OR, but let’s face it, drawing up meds to inject into yourself is a lot more stressful than doing it at work. Particularly when it’s been several years. I still remember how to do it and would probably have no problem doing the subcutaneous injects, but the IMs, because of location, would be a little tricky. Anyway, my husband has offered to learn and deliver all of my meds. Eep

This morning we had appointments at the same time for flu shots. I guess doing it that way meant the nurse has to run through the consent and aftercare spiel one less time. While the nurse and I were waiting for my husband to arrive, we were discussing the status of the IVF meds and I mentioned that my husband would be doing the injections. She thought today would be the perfect time for him to have his first lesson. Armed with some alcohol swabs, an ampule and vial of practice meds, a syringe, and a tangerine, we were ready for him when he walked into the health unit.

Under our watchful eyes and instruction, he practiced both the SC and IM injections on a defenseless piece of fruit and passed with flying colours. Then the nurse said he was welcome to give me my flu shot. He carefully drew up the med, wiped my arm, and bump, in went the needle. I can honestly say that had I not been watching him do it, I wouldn’t have believed it. He was so gentle; I didn’t feel a thing, not a thing.

Dear, you are hired!

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