Friday, September 11, 2009

How many REs does it take to screw in a light bulb? kidding, kidding

Forget the number of REs we’ve dealt with in Minsk and for consults in the U.S. Let's just count the REs at the clinic here…

There was RE #1, the RE we chose and met with for our first appointment
Then there was RE #2, the RE that did my SIS
Then there was RE #3, who went on to sub, sub specialize and is also a reproductive immunologist. He ordered the “Chicago labs” and has been working with us on the autoimmune issues.
Enter RE #4, no I am not kidding. RE #4 is the director of the clinic, also consulted on my case, and yesterday finalized the med list.

That leads to the big news. They ordered my meds today. Woot Woot! (though our bank account doesn’t share my enthusiasm).

The final list, drum roll please….

pre-natal vitamin (I was already taking this)
folic acid (already taking this one too)
baby aspirin
Intralipid iv therapy

Let the fun begin!!


  1. Do you qualify for the Drug Payment Scheme? Call your local HSE and enquire, it could save you a lot of money.

  2. Unfortunately we don't because we don't pay into the Irish tax system (we pay U.S. taxes). I also found out that even if I got a job on the economy here, thus paying local taxes, we still wouldn't be able to use the DPS system :(