Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We’ve hit the terrible twos, feline style

From the time we adopted the cats earlier this year, they have been loud and vocal. They are both quick to let us know when they want something, Bella yells, Guinness cries and whines. When I say Guinness cries and whines, not in a cat meowy way, more of a human “a WAH, a WAH” form. Or he’ll just wander around the house and whine.

They’re fairly well indulged *cough* spoiled, so there’s usually very little to complain about. However, Guinness has been relentless with his objection to not being allowed in the dining room. He’s not allowed in there because

A. it’s where people eat and most people don't like their dinner with a side of black fur
B. he has demonstrated that he can’t resist hopping up onto the fabric covered dining room chairs.

Daily, Guinness protests. He sits in front of the door and cries, he stands in front of the door and whines, he stands on his hind legs wishing to be tall enough to see through the glass window of the door. It’s pathetic.

Last night, our house moved into new territory, the terrible twos. Guinness had been seated by the dining room door, crying for at least 10 minutes when I walked out of the kitchen. He took one look at me, let out a long wail, and threw himself to the floor. I stood in disbelief, watching a full on cat temper tantrum. I yelled for my husband to bring the camera. Guinness continued with his fit, we stood above him, watching, laughing, and snapping pictures. He cried, he rolled around, he threw his legs in different directions. I realized we were giving him exactly what he and every other tantrumming cat or child want, an audience. We walked away, Guinness became silent, and pulled himself off of the floor into a standing position. The second I came around the corner, he threw himself back to the floor and the tantrum started again.

Ladies and gentlemen, my cat has entered the terrible twos.

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  1. You'll just have to put him on the naughty step :o) I don't think ours went through a tantrumming stage, but that's probably because we just let them away with too much.