Wednesday, September 30, 2009

update on the dishwasher

The repairman returned with the parts, worked for an hour, then left again to fetch more parts. Upon his final return, he “fixed” the dishwasher. He said he changed all of the hoses and clamps. When I asked if he had located the leak (the one he claimed didn’t exist earlier in the day), he responded that yes, the dish soap had “softened the hose and caused a leak.” As he was gathering up his tools, he pointed to the dishwasher and said, “well, it is from your country.” (it’s a Whirlpool). The final remark was something about not putting “washing up” soap in the dishwasher again. I was angry, though not nearly as angry as my husband was upon hearing the story over dinner. He just kept saying, “I can’t believe he spoke to you that way” and “it’s a good thing I wasn’t here”. Both true statements.

The dishwasher is now 30 minutes into a cycle. ::fingers crossed::

As for the phones, DEAD. The electrician will be back later today or tomorrow. ::sigh:: it’s ALWAYS something with this house.

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