Wednesday, September 30, 2009

medications, South American drug lords, and customs, Oh My

After much thought about cost and logistics, we finally decided to have the IVF and other extra meds ordered in the U.S. and sent here. Surprisingly, we actually saved money doing it this way, even after the actual meds and shipping were paid for.

I would burst into tears and quite possibly tantrum right here if I had to relive the process, but it’s almost over, I think. After what seems like a bazillion hours on the phone with a particular company in the U.S., the meds were delivered to my mom’s house on Saturday. Angel and hopeful grandparent that she is, she cared for the meds over the weekend. Checking the order, refrigerating them at the right temp, repackaging five boxes into one, freezing gel packs, you get the idea.

First thing Monday morning she packaged everything up and drove three hours to the DHL office near Minneapolis airport. Fortunately, DHL was extremely helpful and made the process as smooth as possible. My mom can’t say enough great things about their customer service (they will be receiving a lovely letter from us).

Enter the DHL tracking number. My husband has started calling me "Escobar" since I’m constantly on the computer, “tracking drugs.” Nice. Everything was going along swimmingly Minneapolis to Cleveland, Cleveland to East Midlands, UK, East Midlands, UK to Dublin, Ireland. BAM!

9/30/2009 11:05 am Clearance Delay Dublin, Ireland, Republic Of
10:15 am Processing for clearance Dublin, Ireland, Republic Of
6:52 am Arrived at DHL facility. Dublin, Ireland, Republic Of

CLEARANCE DELAY????? One panicked phone call to my husband later, I think we have it figured out. This is one of the times that having diplomatic status comes in handy, very handy. Even though the package is addressed to a certain place in which it should NOT have been held up in customs, it is. Therefore yet another angel has become involved in this process; he has secured a “dip note” and will be personally driving to the airport to fetch my package of drugs. “K” we owe you, BIG time!

Fingers crossed that within a few hours, 11K of meds will be safely residing in my cabinets and fridge, then I will take my first breath since Friday.

::bites nails:::


  1. Wow, 11K, I'm glad you saved money! And I'm glad so many people were able to help you get the meds. How stressful!

  2. I hope you get your drugs safely in your fridge very soon!

  3. Sorry to hear about the customs hiccup, but so glad to hear that you got it sorted out eventually.

    I recently purchased some health supplements online recommended by my practitioner. Bought them from the US, and like that, the box was opened for customs inspection in Ireland. The package took over four weeks to deliver to my house by air mail, so I wonder was the biggest part of the hold up at the Dublin side?

  4. Jane, it's quite possible that the hold up was on this side; though who knows :)