Tuesday, November 3, 2009

bad news, good news, and a sixth RE

We arrived at the clinic and while sitting in the waiting room, my fabulous nurse stopped to say hello. We had a lovely chat about the embryos and she assured my husband that they wouldn’t transfer all four, lots of smiles and laughs. Then RE #4 stopped to say hello. It’s nice to see familiar faces and know that so many people are cheering us on.

Finally it was time to go to the IVF suite. I changed and was put in the same bed that I had for retrieval. The nurse took us back to the operating theatre where we were met by the OR nurse I had last Thursday. She did a quick scan and then the embryologist came to speak with us. The good news was that we had two beautiful blastocysts; the bad news was that the other two embryos weren’t growing as quickly. They will be watched over the next day to see if they catch up and can be frozen, but things aren’t looking good :(

I was supposed to have the same doctor do the transfer as had done the retrieval, and I’m not sure what happened, but enter RE #6. She was very nice and best of all, my husband was actually in the room for this transfer, unlike IVF #1 and the FET. The OR nurse was really sweet and made sure that he could see the transfer on the ultrasound screen, even playing it back so that I could see it too.

A few minutes later I was dressed and ready to go. In Minsk they made me stay in the OR and recovery for two hours; going home right away seemed a bit rushed, though I have to trust that all is well. The nurse went over the discharge papers, instructions, wished us luck, and off we went. We are home now and I’ve started the dreaded 72 hours of modified bed rest. Friday I have an appointment for another intralipid infusion.

Considering that we aren't caught in the middle of a diplomatic spat with another country during this IVF, I expect the next 10-14 days to be fairly boring. Just hoping and praying that two little blastocysts are adjusting well to their new home.


  1. good luck! We'll be praying for you! I had 7 fertilize and only 2 made it to transfer, but we got our little girl from one of them!

  2. My dear, I couldn't wait to read your news today. Two beautiful blasts are now nesting inside you, don't put too much energy into the future of the other two, it's already a superfabulous results! You are now PUPO!! sticky vibes all the way. Fran

  3. Glad everything went well. Sorry to hear that the other 2 embroys are lagging a little. Don't give up on them, yet...they may just surprise you. Sending you bunches of snuggle in vibes for your little blasts!

  4. Yay for 2 beautiful blasts transfered! :)

    I had a different RE for my transfer, than retrieval, too. A little surprising!

    Hoping, wishing, praying for a sticky bean!

  5. Oh honey! I came here looking for an update!

    I'm praying sticky thoughts for you!!


  6. Good luck. I hope they stick nicely.

  7. Yay, exciting news! Hopefully the other two cacth up and can be frozen. I've got everything crossed for you. Take care!

  8. Best of luck these next 2 weeks!

  9. Hurrah! Two excellent blasties on board, good luck!!!