Sunday, November 22, 2009

reason 1,582 that you should always check with your wife

A department that is also in the building in which my husband works recently had a raffle for a few American items. The items included a can of pumpkin, a bag of chocolate chips, a box of cake mix, and a container of Cool Whip. A mass email had been sent out which I ignored because we don’t need any of these things, particularly the Cool Whip (I'm not a fan of fake food).

Upon returning from work that evening, my dear husband announced that he had bid on the raffle. “How much?” was my first question. Answer, “21 Euros.” Ladies and gentlemen, that is $31. Next question, “Why?” Answer, “We need the pumpkin for Thanksgiving.”

Trying to remain calm I informed him that being the resourceful wife that I am, I had already procured a can of pumpkin for Thanksgiving, and paid all of €3.49 for it.

So yeah, I spent the next few days hoping that we didn’t win the raffle. No such luck. He came home on Thursday with our “prizes” in hand. Fortunately the raffle money went to a good cause, but men, there is a lesson here. Just run things past your wife, it will make life so much easier, and less expensive.


  1. Sorry, but I am laughing! I totally forgot the excitement of procuring hard to find items for American holidays! I remember the drama of shopping at black market stores in Korea and being so excited when I would find something! That was pre-life as a military wife though. :) {hugs} Have a great turkey day!

  2. Sounds like something M. would do...and be so proud of himself!

  3. And you know he was just trying to be helpful. :) He'll be proud of himself for a week.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!