Wednesday, November 18, 2009

more cramping, more spotting, and more blood work

Today I had an appointment with my GP for blood work. I asked him to do a TSH (thyroid) and another beta. We briefly discussed high-risk obs in the area, though I’m not ready to book anything until a lot more time has passed. He said that they take limited numbers of patients and fill up fast, but I’m just not comfortable moving forward and won’t be for many more weeks. He also said it would take a day or two to get the beta results back. Torture.

As I was paying the bill (€90/ $135USD for a TSH and HCG, grrrr) the receptionist said that she would watch for the results and call me as soon as she received them. I still thought I would be waiting until Thursday or Friday.

Well, she just called.

Beta is 2,520. I’m still pregnant.

The cramping and spotting continue. I’m still on orders from both the fertility clinic and now my GP to relax and keep my feet up, but for now, I’m still pregnant. I even had two minutes of believing that this is real and finally booked the first ultrasound, December 3. I’ll go in earlier if there is a major problem, but by Dec 3, we should be able to hear a heartbeat if there is one.

In other news, none of my pants fit. As I’ve mentioned before, I was still carrying around extra weight from the first IVF, add in meds from the FET, then meds from another IVF= nothing fits. I’m really tempted to order a pair, or two, of pants from the U.S. (they would take a few weeks to get here), but I fear that by the time anything would arrive, this will all be over.

Ah, to be fertile and ignorant, or at least infertile in the U.S. with a few good stores in the neighborhood ;)


  1. Sending hugs and lots of hope:)
    on the pants front , have Marks and Spencers got anything decent for a quickfix?
    I had to go out and buy a whole weeks worth of pants last week so chubby have I become!
    Sending lorryloads of positive happy baby thoughts:)

  2. Holy cow, you're beta is up there, that's awesome news :)
    Hang in there girl, I'm keeping all fingers and toes crossed for you!!

    ((((((BIG HUG)))))))

  3. I so get you in wanting (needing) something from back home. Although my requests seem to be food realted mostly, LOL. Anyway thinking of you and glad you are still pregnant, that is awesome!!!

  4. Good news with the beta results - sending good thoughts and "hang in there" vibes to you all.

  5. That's great about the beta being so high and them getting the results back so quick.
    Prayers and thoughts are going to you!

  6. Wow! Your beta is back and it is up there! I still can't believe that it can take two weeks for the results. That's great news! :)

  7. Those are good numbers...hang in there. I know you are worried so I will stand on the sidelines and cheer you on and celebrate that great number.

  8. That is a very pretty beta!

    I hope the cramping and spotting will let up, and give you some relief!

    Oh, and I hear you on the pants...none of mine fit comfortably, either.

  9. Beta is great! i well understand the fear though of something going wrong. i am very confident you don't have to worry this time, but I know the 3rd of December cannot come soon enough.
    Much love, Fran

  10. We're still praying for you, honey.


  11. That beta result sounds very good. Keep the feet up and rest yourself!

  12. That's a great beta!!

    Hope the cramping and spotting go away!


  13. I've been introduced to this blog via IComLeavWe, so I don't "know" any of you yet. I can't imagine what a terrible challenge infertility is. Three of my close friends have dealt with this, sadly unsuccessfully, although one has adopted three beautiful children that were taken from a troubled home.

    It's so awesome you're pregnant! I wish you all the best with your pregancy. I've managed to get two married (and now have 5 grands) and have two in college, so if later you need any parenting tips, give me a holler, LOL!

    Linda Fulkerson

  14. So glad that you had a good beta. Hoping for you.



  15. Sending positive thoughts. Can you get by with leggings and some of the jersey dress options? That would be good for just relaxing in and keeping your feet up.

  16. wow! you are DEFINITELY still pregnant! Wishing and hoping right alongside you - and hoping the cramping and spotting stop soon so you can enjoy where you're at as much as possible.