Sunday, November 22, 2009

no internet, no phone, but a lot of annoyance

On Friday afternoon I had my third intralipid infusion. I had a great nurse once again. The infusion was easy enough; just like the others, paperwork, vitals, infusion, done.

My husband had some work to do Friday night so I was looking forward to an evening alone (with the cats), catching up the blog, chatting away on a few message boards I belong to, and overall, relaxing.

Everything was going well until around 4pm when the internet went down. I tried all of the tricks, unplugging modems, disconnecting, reconnecting, restarting my laptop, turning on the wireless, turning off the wireless. NOTHING worked. We are paying for the “business plus” plan for our home internet usage and yes, I expect it to work.

At approximately 5pm my cell phone rang. It was my husband calling to find out what was wrong with the house phone. Err, nothing? Nope, I spoke too soon. Sure enough, the house phone is dead AGAIN. Our house phone lines have been down more than they have worked in the past 15 months. The irritation I experience with this house is UNBELIEVABLE. Constant plumbing, electrical, and appliance issues. I won’t even go down the list of cosmetic issues our overpriced, fancy schmancy, Ballsbridge address has. If I weren’t living it, I wouldn’t believe it.

I will save all of the things I have to say about the house until we leave Dublin, but let’s just say, the list is long, very long.

Fortunately my husband took pity on me and brought home a device that I can plug into my laptop to access the internet. It’s slow, but slow internet is better than no internet. The internet/ phone company promised to repair the lines within four business days. They are blaming the problem on the weather, but given that our neighbors all have working internet connections, I’m not convinced.

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  1. How frustrating!

    I hope they get it fixed quick!