Tuesday, October 13, 2009

phones are fixed, alarm is fixed, I wonder what will break next?

After the missed appointment last week, both the electrician and alarm specialist appeared at 9:45 for a 9am appointment. Whatever, I was just glad to see them both. Two hours of digging around in the phone lines and wiring, the electrician asked the alarm specialist if it could be xyz problem. The alarm specialist said that he had never seen xyz before and it would be “highly unusual.” I piped up and told them that with this house, look for “highly unusual.” Guess what? Yep, it was xyz problem.

Fortunately my instincts were spot on to have both the electrician and the alarm specialist here at the same time. Part of the alarm panel has a “tamper proof” system and can only be accessed by the alarm specialist, so yeah, good thing he was already here. The phones and alarm are now repaired and working, so the countdown begins to what breaks next.

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