Thursday, October 15, 2009

genuine, maple syrup

*the names of people and countries are omitted to protect the innocent and the guilty

Some time ago, we were informed that someone we know (and like very much) had contact with someone at another embassy and could get us genuine, maple syrup. Sweet! We handed over €9 about $13/14 for a bottle and waited. This week my husband brought the syrup home.

Kirkland Signature??

I looked at the bottle, looked at him and shrieked, “this is from Costco.” Sure enough our genuine, maple syrup is from Costco, and not only is it from Costco, it expired in July.

I’m sure it’s fine and we are definitely going to use it, but the real question is not why are unsuspecting, American diplomats being sold expired syrup from Costco. No, the real question is how is it that the other embassy has access to Costco from here and I don’t???

I think we’ll be having pancakes this weekend.

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