Thursday, October 8, 2009

another five star rating for Millers Pizza Kitchen

This week it was my turn for a birthday. My husband asked where I wanted to go and since I’ve been on a Caesar salad kick for a while, and since Millers Pizza Kitchen still has the best Caesar salad in Dublin, that’s where we went.

I was rather hungry when we arrived and decided to once again take advantage of the special menu, a starter and main for €14.95. This time I chose to start with roasted garlic bread with cheese, and of course, the chicken Caesar salad for the main dish. My husband had the scallop and pancetta pizza. Everything was delicious!

roasted garlic bread with cheese

scallop and pancetta pizza

chicken Caesar salad

As always, the service was superb. I also decided to mention my blog to our server. We've been there several times and this was the third time I’ve taken pictures of the food (which I’m sure he thought was a bit unusual). As he was picking up our plates, I told him how pleased we have always been with the service and food, and also said that I’d put two posts about Millers Pizza Kitchen on the blog. We chatted for a bit and he thanked me for the kind words.

Upon asking for the check, our server first brought out a dessert, “compliments of the chef.”

rich chocolate cake and berry ice cream

Once again, we had a lovely dinner at Millers Pizza Kitchen.

Millers Pizza Kitchen
50 Upper Baggot Street, Ballsbridge


  1. When we finally make it to Dublin (we've been on our way there twice but decided to go elsewhere last minute) I'll keep Millers Pizza Kitchen in mind. That looks delish!

  2. I think I'll have to check that place out. The food looks delicious!