Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Honest Scrap award

Thanks to Circus Princess over at Circus Children for this award.

Rules: Reveal 10 things not previously known about you, and pass along the award to others.

I'm going to cheat and say that since two of the most difficult things I've ever dealt with are infertility and living overseas, if you've done either, consider yourself awarded with the Honest Scrap award.

1. My husband proposed after knowing me for three weeks and two days.

2. My dream kitchen would have a hospital grade, ice nugget machine.

3. I gave up medical school to get married and follow my husband around the world.

4. My favorite place to be is in the OR, as a provider, not as a patient.

5. I’ve ordered the same drink at Starbucks for almost 15 years.

6. My favorite color is white, followed closely by light pink.

7. I’m a native of Washington state.

8. I’m a detail-oriented perfectionist to a fault.

9. My husband and I are both only children.

10. After living overseas without some of the comforts of home, I often dream of the house I plan to build some day and it *might* include a lazy river in the backyard.


  1. Hmm...I think I understand why I enjoy your blog so much. I've dealt with both infertility and living overseas, am an only child, order the same drink at Sbucks and am a perfectionist. Also, my husband proposed 2 months after we met (okay, you have me beat but we were living in different countries at the time). Oh...and we met in Dublin! :-) (and have cats!)

  2. How about when your college roommate convinced you to add color to your wardrobe and you bought purple shoes? I always liked that one ;-)

  3. Samara, those were the most comfortable shoes EVER!! I still have them. Plus the color was perfect for the OR at UWMC :)