Thursday, October 8, 2009

My patience is GONE!

I admit that I hold myself to a very high standard when it comes to being prompt. This often lends itself to becoming easily annoyed when others are late. Today has reached a whole new level.

Remember my phone situation? If not, let’s start at the beginning. The phones in the house don’t work properly and haven’t from the time we moved in over a year ago. For the most part I ignored it because I have a cell and don’t use the house line all that much. Then something weird happened...

All of the sudden the line started to go dead after I received a call from any office in the building where my husband works, whether it was from him, a friend, the health unit, the housing department, etc. We decided, for a number of reasons, that the phone line needed to be repaired.

I followed the standard order of procedure which is to notify the powers that be, who then come to the house and respond, yes, your phones are broken. They called the phone company who came out three different times and finally said the problem was electric and is “either in the wall or under the floor.” So the powers that be contacted the landlord who sent an electrician. He was here last week and when he left, the phone lines were working.


the powers that be called from the housing department to ask if everything was fixed. On Friday the electrician returned to look at the phones and said that he thinks the phone and house alarm are fighting each other and it will take hours to fix, so could he make an appointment with me to come back. Sure. The appointment was scheduled for 9am on Thursday, Oct 8. I wrote it down while he was standing next to me in the kitchen.

I even had the brilliant idea to have someone from the security department come to the house at the same time so they could speak and work with each other in electrician/ alarm language which I don’t understand. I called the powers that be and told them of my ingenious plan which was immediately approved, including sending me THREE emails, one being from the security man saying that he would be here at 9am, Oct 8.

This morning I fully expected to see someone around 8:55, maybe 9. Followed by someone else at 9:05, maybe 9:10.

Well, here it is almost 1:45 and LIVID doesn’t begin to explain the rage that I feel. I even started to doubt myself. Did I have the time or date written down wrong?? I looked at my little note that I wrote while I stood next to the electrician, nope, 9am Thursday 8. I looked at the calendar, where I wrote down the appointment after I spoke with the powers that be, nope 9am written on the Oct 8 line. I even checked the emails I had both sent and received confirming the date and time, nope, Thursday Oct 8 at 9am.


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  1. That holds true for ALL handymen, electricians, alarm dudes and what have you all over the WORLD. Can't tell you how many times I've sat and waited. And waited.
    I hope they show up sometime (preferably at the same time) and solve the problem!