Thursday, October 22, 2009

par for the course

While giving me the 7pm injections, my husband informed me that he probably wouldn’t be there for the intralipid appointment tomorrow. He was able to rearrange his schedule to be there for the scan, but not to go across town for the two-hour infusion.

Eh, par for the course, welcome to the foreign circus, such is my life, blah, blah, blah. Do I dream of him having a normal job in the U.S.? Yes. Did he miss out on almost every.single.part of the first IVF and FET in Minsk? Yep. He couldn’t even be there while I was under general anesthesia, nor was he there for transfer, nor was he there for the FET. This is my life, our life. The “powers that be” dictate his schedule and we just play along.

I’m not whining, really, I’m not. So many foreign-service spouses have had it so much worse than me. A good friend med-evacted with a second trimester miscarriage, her husband deemed too important to leave the country to be with his wife. Friends delivering babies in the U.S., their husbands on opposite sides of the world.

So yeah, going through IVF, or at least aspects of it, alone, not a big deal. Just another part of my life.

Thank goodness for taxis


  1. Bummer about DH. I know what you mean. My DH is a pilot and is often gone for days at a time.

    Good luck with the intralipids! Mine are tomorrow too!

  2. I'm so sorry. That sucks. It must be so hard to have work competing so vigorously for his attention. Good luck with the treatment:)

  3. You are completely allowed to feel that way about him not being there. I don't take it as whining at all because it's definitely something that you have to deal with! It's frustrating! My husband was deployed through IVF#1 and it definitely made a difference in my attitude. I think that I always felt I had to be so much stronger. On IVF#2, I could actually allow myself to relax more with him there to share. I hope everything went okay today. :) BTW, if you don't mind me asking, what is the intralipid appointment for? Take care!