Thursday, October 15, 2009


Check out my new accessories.


are to go with


Yes, I had the first, big appointment today and I was THRILLED that my nurse was available. She did my scan, took blood from both of us for EU infectious disease screening, checked over all the meds, then gave me 2 bags of new accessories.

The scan was easy enough, and unlike Minsk, they actually put up a drape while you get undressed and have a drape for your lap. So fancy ;) Again, I had excellent care in Minsk and I have no regrets; things are just a bit more like the U.S. here. Anyway, had the scan and everything looks great. The EU bloods were fine though I’m still upset that we have to do them every month of treatment for the low price of €380, but it’s an EU law and we will obey. Fabulous nurse checked over the meds that were ordered from the U.S. and everything looks fine. Then we got the accessories, sharp’s containers, needles in different sizes, syringes in different sizes, Follistim pen, brochures, and alcohol wipes.

My wonderful nurse also did a brief lesson in drawing up the meds. I don’t think it will be a big deal because I remember so much of it from when I worked in anesthesia. Also between today’s lesson and the lesson in the embassy health unit, my husband will do just fine, though I might do some of the injections myself; we’ll see.

It sounds like the heparin will be the worst. Fabulous nurse said that particularly with the high dose I’m on, I will be bruised and with the other injections, I will quickly run out of room on my stomach for injections. We discussed other injection sites, not as pleasant as the stomach, but whatever works. I had black and blue bruising with the first IVF meds, but she said to expect black, blue, yellow, purple, orange, green, pink, and red. Hmm, a rainbow of bruising, should be interesting.

The big news is that I thought I was starting heparin and prednisone today or tomorrow and stims next week. Nope, I start tomorrow.

So the days will look like this

morning- thyroid meds, allergy meds, asthma meds, 5 tablets of prednisone, heparin injection

afternoon- prenatal vitamin, aspirin, folic acid, calcium

evening- allergy meds, calcium, heparin injection, Follistim injection, Luveris injection

Let the games begin!!!!


  1. Ok... minus the follitism and luveris injection, and the allergy / asthma meds, it looks like we took a lot of the same meds!!

    the heparin shots - hopefully you have a 29 or 30 gauge needle - i swear you barely feel it!! i di them for 10 months... and while it SUCKS big @$%&&$@$#!$^%*, it's really not that bad. really. of course, once you get over the few shots that do bruise... but i'll happily give you the same tips that i was given - which totally help you find the "numb" spots on your stomach.

  2. Indeed, let the games begin. Best of luck :-)

  3. That is so exciting. I'm sorry you have to go through all this butI'm glad to hear it's underway. My prayers are with you for a successful cycle, uneventful pregnancy and wonderful motherhood. :)

  4. I dont' know that I could do all that... you're a strong woman! Good luck!!

  5. Hope it all goes perfectly for you.

  6. Best wishes and am rooting for you!!