Wednesday, October 28, 2009

triggered last night and warning: picture

I was too tired to update the blog after my trigger shot last night. We are all set for egg retrieval tomorrow morning. Today I'm taking it easy and being grateful for an injection free day :) Thank you for all of your kind words, thoughts, and prayers.


last picture of medical waste

last stomach picture


  1. I'm one day behind you! Did you trigger in your arm? I have to give it to myself in the arm, which I'd never heard of. Based on the looks of your trash, we are on the same protocol too!

    And your poor belly. For all the complaining I did about my belly, it looks nowere near as bad as yours. I've foud that icing my belly for 15 minutes before and after the lovenox does the trick as far as buising goes.

    Good luck tomorrow. I'm so excited for you!

  2. Ugh! That looks extremely painful! Hope I didn't just make you feel worse. Sorry.

  3. OMG! Your poor stomach! Yay for an injection free day! Good luck tomorrow. :)

  4. I'll be thinking LOTS of good thoughts for you tomorrow morning!

    Your poor belly!


  5. Oy! In all the time I have been reading IF blogs, I have never seen a pic of someone's injection bruises. That looks extremely un-fun! I am even more impressed by all the women who inject themselves... wow!

    Blessings on you and the rest of your cycle!


  6. Surprisingly it only hurts when I bump up against something or put jeans on :( I tried ice, frozen peas, etc, etc, to reduce bruising, no luck. I think it's because of the high dose of heparin I'm on. The nurse and RE actually said to expect nose bleeds, which I've not had yet ::knock on wood::

    Heather, I triggered in my stomach, SQ. For the first IVF I triggered IM in the bum. The stomach was MUCH easier.

    Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments and good thoughts :)

  7. best of luck at retrieval tomorrow, can't wait to hear all about it!!

  8. OMG!! Your poor belly. I was complaining when I had two tiny bruises and when I showed your picture to the Hubster he laughed at my measly bruising.

    GOOD LUCK tomorrow, I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!

  9. Oh! Your poor tummy! I hope that goes away very soon and you have nothing but a baby (or two) to show for it! Good luck with your retrieval tomorrow!

    Happy ICLW!

  10. Wow, I can't believe your belly looks like that! I've had bruising from the shots but that looks like someone beat you! I hope it will be all worth it. Good luck tomorrow!! I can't wait to hear all about it.

  11. Saying a little prayer for you today.