Monday, October 5, 2009

please say hello to my new friend, the dehumidifier

When we lived in Berlin, I discovered mold in the house. Gross, black mold on the walls in the guest bedrooms and forming on the ceiling in one bathroom. Per my allergy testing the year before, I knew I was allergic to it, though really, it’s not safe or healthy for anyone to breathe, allergic or not. The mold was dealt with and I was assured that it wasn’t in the walls, yeah right. I was sick and miserable that year and was subsequently diagnosed with allergy-induced asthma. Coincidence?

The following year we were offered a brand new apartment downtown Berlin (the powers that be were giving our first building to the German government and wanted everyone out). The apartment was new, clean and appeared to be mold-free. I felt great the last year we were there.

Remembering back to that first year in Berlin, I was a bit apprehensive about moving to Dublin; it’s wet here, really wet. The last thing I wanted to deal with again was mold. Everyone assured me that it wouldn’t be an issue, nobody had experienced problems where we lived, etc, etc. I will say, I have only seen small amounts of mold in our house and that was when we moved in last year.

On Saturday I attended a lovely bridal lunch (thanks K) and another guest mentioned that she had discovered mold in her purses. While this ordinarily wouldn’t alarm me, she not only lives in Dublin, but she lives in the same gated community that we do. As you might imagine, I spent a good portion of Sunday going through boxes, plastic totes, and closets making sure that everything was mold-free. So far, so good.

Deciding that I wasn’t going to take a chance, please say hello to my new friend, the dehumidifier.

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