Friday, October 23, 2009

CD 8 appointment and a new med

As luck would have it, my husband’s department decided to close early today and have a happy hour. Being the wise man that he is, he chose to instead accompany me to both appointments and go into the office later this afternoon to work.

At the first appointment, the doctor who specializes in finding right ovaries did just that. She located my right ovary only to announce that it was small and had one lousy follicle. However the left side has seven growing follicles and my lining is great. She added a new medication, Orgalutran, or Ganirelix as it’s known in the U.S. This means I will be getting five injections per day instead of four. She said that if everything goes well at the scan on Monday, I’ll have egg retrieval on Wednesday or Thursday. She took blood for an estradiol level and we left.

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