Monday, June 6, 2011

First ear infection

Last week, Kate developed an upper respiratory infection, basically, her first illness ever (not counting newborn jaundice and reflux). Following that, she’d cry, then scream, upon being put down for her afternoon nap and bedtime. I immediately suspected an ear infection. On Friday we took her in, and sure enough, first ear infection. Not bad considering she’s 11 months old. Her doctor (whom I adore) said that the ear was red, and she recommending treating it. Hooray for catching it early.

My sweet girl is now on her first round of antibiotics, and fairly miserable, especially at night. We tried giving her Motrin (she had a reaction to it) and Tylenol, but she’s still in pain in the evening. Our previous, easy bedtime routine has turned into an hour + of crying, rocking, and sometimes, an additional small bottle. She has the saddest eyes, too. She looks at me as if to say, “Mommy, I just hurt.” It’s heartbreaking.

Hopefully she will start to feel better soon. Of course now she’s starting to pull at the other ear.


  1. poor little baby! my daughter had an ear infection recently to, thankfully she also had pink eye, otherwise i never would have known, apparently, she takes pain very well! had it not been fot the pink eye i would not have found out about the ear infection, who knows how long it would have gone on for. i hope your little bug is feeling better soon.

  2. So sorry about the ear infection. It's so hard to see your little one sick. I hope it clears up very soon. I also hoped you tested too early and that there is a 2nd line by now.