Friday, June 10, 2011

I have an appointment tomorrow…

For an ultrasound and blood work. IVF #3, it’s time to get started!

As you know, the FET failed. I kind of expected it, but still, you put your hopes, your dreams, your money into it, and BAM, done. It’s over.

Honestly, I’m still kind of numb and haven’t really had much of a reaction. Though, I didn’t really have much of a reaction to the last failed FET either, though I had a lot of distractions while that was happening.

Tuesday morning I could have gone to the clinic for a beta, but I took two more home tests, negative, and declared it over. I called the clinic and asked for a consult with my RE. On Wednesday we had a straight, to the point, this is what needs to happen, chat. I think doctors are sometimes a bit unprepared by my type A, what’s the bottom line approach. I VERY rarely need my hand held or want to chat. I’m all about records, spreadsheets, and let’s not waste each other’s time. Dr. Spectacular and I had a nice conversation, covered A. B. and C. and yes, we are going to cycle, again.

During the course of the conversation, I mentioned to Dr. Spectacular that we don’t have insurance coverage, for meds or treatment. Those who know how much IVF costs (especially IVF with DOR and autoimmune issues, may now commence choking). Anyway, I told him that I’d previously donated my unused meds and that if by chance, another patient had done the same, I would really appreciate some Gonal F, Follistim, or Puregon, and anything else that happened to be wandering about the clinic.

Yesterday the fabulous nurse called to discuss the schedule, and meds. She said that as soon as my cycle returned, they wanted me in for an ultrasound. WHAT?!?! I thought we’d be cycling in July. Doing it now actually works so much better. (in July, we have the pack-out and upcoming move to worry about).

We also went over what meds I have left from the FET that can be used for a fresh cycle, what needs to be ordered, and again, I said that if there is anything around the clinic that needs to be used, I’d gladly take it.

She called me back later in the day and I was STUNNED by what she said. She was able to find some Gonal F, Luveris, Prednisolone, Orgalutran/ Ganirelix, and an HCG trigger. I still need to buy some Gonal F, heparin, and antibiotics, but wow, our med costs for this cycle will only be around 2K. We still have to pay for some additional testing (EU bloods, a repeat SA, etc), the actual IVF procedure, and intralipid infusions, but getting that much help with the meds is such a blessing. I told the nurse that I will donate everything I have leftover, as I’ve done in the past.

I’ll update tomorrow after my appointment.

Just thought I should explain that the Irish patients have their med costs covered under the Drug Payment Scheme, so please don't think I'm being completely selfish by accepting so many. Most of the other patients get their meds free or at a greatly reduced cost. I was also told that some of the meds I was offered are donated to the clinic fairly often, so there's plenty to go around. Too bad Gonal F is in such short supply ;)


  1. That's amazing news!!! I am so happy for you! Whoa, what a wonderful surprise for once. Good luck this cycle - it sounds like it's blessed from the start:)

  2. Fantastic news!! I was also very impressed that they have moved away from the "mandatory" pill to sync you with their dates. I think they may be open 7 days a week and they got a few more nurses in so goodbye pill!!

    I had brought in several left over meds only a few months ago, so I wonder if they are some of mine! It would be so cool! I have just checked and I have some cyclogest and gestone, would you need them? I had kept them thinking I may be doing a full cycle but given that we now think of freezing I'm more than happy to donate them to you (they are in dates of course). Also I will get a full prescription anyway and I'm on co-pay for the meds. Please do not hesitate to tell me, I'd be only delighted.

  3. Great news about the meds. Any help with the financial costs are most welcome. Good luck at your appointment, I hope everything checks out ok. I'm sorry that you have to do another IVF but I'm glad that you are able to start right away.

  4. Fran, yes. I was thrilled to find out about the pill. I had horrible side effects from it. I think you are correct about more nurses too. There are definitely some new faces around.

    Some of the meds could very well be yours. Very cool!! I will let you know about the Gestone. I purchased some for the FET last month, so I'll check to see how much I have left and let you know. Thank you so much!!

    I need to send you an email too. We should try to get the kids together for a play date!

  5. Good luck! I'm a week ahead of you, FSO cycling in Morocco, if you want a cycle buddy!

  6. That's great about the meds! My meds would have cost around $8,000 for our second cycle had we not had some donated. The clinic had some follistim from a pharmaceutical rep and they gave us the whole amount that we needed. They can't take donated meds back however. Our doctor told us about some clinic in the U.S. being raided by the DEA because they were letting patients donate meds and then give them to other patients which is technically illegal. It's such a shame though, because those meds cost so much. I hate to know how many people just throw away what they have leftover.

  7. Sorry about the failed FET:(
    Good news about the meds and the plan of action!
    I think that's great about people donating their left overs. I don't think there is a legal way to do it here, but I could be wrong.
    hoping for a great cycle for you:)