Monday, June 20, 2011

IVF #3, fourth appointment

This morning I saw Dr. Fabulous, AKA, doctor of finding missing right ovaries. She was pleased with my lining, using such words as “gorgeous” and “beautiful.” Thank goodness, something is going well. The follicles are also continuing to show improvement. I’m to remain on the high dose of stims, and she’s still seeing six on the left, two on the “why bother” right. I go in for another ultrasound on Wednesday, and will probably have retrieval on Friday.

For those who have been through an IVF or FET cycle, or 5, you know that there’s an insane amount of blood work. Both of the clinics I’ve been with do ultrasounds and blood work every other day while cycling. When I first started all of this, oh, 4 ½ years ago, my veins were fine, seriously, one of my best physical characteristics. In fact the physicians I used to work with often joked that I better wear long sleeves during medical school, because everyone would want to practice on me. I had GREAT veins. Now, not so much.

Dr. Fabulous was going to take blood this morning, but changed her mind when I told her that I was due for an intralipid infusion as well (both of my arms are bruised and she wasn’t sure a nurse would be able to start the IV later, if she took blood first). She walked me down to the intralipid infusion area and started the paperwork. A nurse soon arrived and started the IV process. She did a great job, considering what she had to work with, and eventually was able to get enough of the cannula inserted to take blood and start the IV. I just hate being *that* patient. I used to be, and want to be, the easy patient, the patient who’s easy to start IVs on, whose veins jump out screaming “use me, use me.” Today was by far the slowest infusion I’ve had. I’m not sure if it was just bad luck, scar tissue, or what, but it took forever. Sigh. I wonder if anyone’s ever had a PICC line done for an IVF cycle. Kidding, sort of.

intralipids today


  1. I am glad everything continues to go in the right direction. I am sorry about your veins...that sucks, though it's good that today's nurse managed quite well considering! Sending you many good vibes for continued good follie growth!

  2. I'm glad everything is coming along. It might be slow but it's progress. I was being watched so closely this last time that I went in for bw/us every day for 4 or 5 days straight, my veins were starting to protest, too. Continued best wishes.

  3. PICC for IVF sounds fabulous to me!I haven't gone through IVF (just IUIs), but as a nurse, I know how all these sticks take a toll on the veins!

    I really hope this does the trick for you girl!!

    From ICLW #52

  4. Eek! *shudder* Why do I have to be the needlephobic infertile?
    Glad you're getting some results though! Hope those follicles keep improving, and best of luck at your retrieval!
    Happy ICLW, and thank you for your comment! :)

  5. Happy ICLW!
    It's the human pincushion syndrome. Honey you've got it bad! I'm sorry about the failed FET. I'm sending baby dust your way that this fresh cycle will work!