Monday, June 27, 2011

IVF #3, Egg Retrieval

Seven eggs were retrieved. Obviously I wish the number were higher, but given my age, DOR status, etc, I’m pleased with seven.

IVF #1= 8 eggs, 5 embryos

IVF #2= 7 eggs, 4 embryos

IVF #3= 7 eggs, to be determined

We arrived at the clinic this morning and the guilt feelings (bringing Kate with us) continued. I felt like I was entering the building with contraband. The surgical area was still quite busy, so we waited in the general waiting area. Kate did beautifully, sitting on my husband’s lap, quietly looking around.

They called for us fairly quickly, and we passed Dr. Fabulous in the hall, who seemed very pleased to see Kate. Once downstairs, we were shown to a private, curtain area. I changed, then the nurse went over discharge instructions. I asked her if Dr. Fabulous was still going to do my retrieval and she left to find out. My husband held Kate, keeping her entertained with her favorite books. The nurse said that another doctor would go over our consent paperwork, then Dr. Fabulous would be down to do the retrieval. The other doctor came in and honestly, she’s a favorite, too. She actually did the embryo transfer that gave us Kate. She was very sweet with her, and with us. I kind of felt bad for insisting that Dr. Fabulous do the transfer, as I’m sure the other doctor would have done a great job too. By that time, they were ready for my husband, so I waited with Kate. The nurse stopped by and asked if I needed anything for Kate. I just can’t get over how lovely everyone was about us bringing her to the clinic. I was so nervous, and felt terrible about doing so, but their attitudes really put me at ease, as much as possible.

Kate checking out the bed

Soon it was time for my husband and Kate to leave. My favorite surgical nurse came to get me. We had a nice chat on the way back to the theatre, quick prep, then Dr. Fabulous and the other RE came in. Dr. Fabulous started my IV and after a quick discussion of meds (it’s the anesthesia nerd in me), it was just about time to start.

Perhaps it was being surrounded by some of my all time favorite staff at the clinic, perhaps it was the Sopadol (Tylenol with Codeine) tablets I’d been asked to take 45 minutes earlier, or perhaps it was the emotions of finally being in the operating theatre again , but I couldn’t help but think that if not for the lack of insurance coverage, and expense of IVF, I would do this over and over and over, to build our family. I really want another child.

Perhaps now it’s my post anesthesia fog, but it was really a full-circle feeling today, having Kate in the clinic with us. It was less than two years ago that we were there, surrounded by the same staff, going through the same procedure, and to think that this now walking, talking almost one year old, was conceived in that lab, is just amazing to me.

Dr. Fabulous announced it was time for my “gin and tonic”, err Midazolam and Morphine, and that was that.

I woke up in recovery, a bit groggy, but otherwise okay. Though I did find out that I was awake and talking during part of the retrieval, eep. Dr. Fabulous later told me that we spoke about Kate, nothing embarrassing.

They gave me two bags of fluids, then I was ready to go. I did ask to speak to Dr. Fabulous regarding transfer, as things will be significantly more complicated since we are leaving Ireland next month. We had a nice conversation and she seems to understand my concerns regarding extra embryos (should we even have them).

My husband had planned to pick me up, but Kate was just going down for a nap, so Dr. Fabulous called me a taxi. Warm wishes from her and the front office staff, and off I went.

Please think good fertilization report thoughts for us. The embryologist will call tomorrow evening, good news or bad.

one more bag

all done


  1. Good fertilization to you! It till be good news!

  2. Wishing you the best fert report!!

  3. I hope the fertilzation goes well! Yay for 7 eggs.

  4. that is so great you love your clinic! You must be so grateful! You know..7 is a great number:) I got pregnant with that starting number! oh - this is such an exciting time!!!
    keep us posted

  5. Visiting from ICLW and wishing you luck with your cycle. 7 is a lucky number!!

    Hoping you get a good fertilization report!

  6. sending good thoughts your way from iclw #118!

  7. So glad your clinic was understanding about your situation and let your daughter tag along. Hoping for a great fertilization report, followed by many months of continuously great news!

  8. Sounds like a great experience - well, you know, as great as these things can be! Great number of eggs and will be sending positive vibes for the fert report :)

  9. Wishing you a great fert report! Glad things went well and that having Kate there wasn't too stressful for you. Fingers crossed!