Wednesday, June 15, 2011

IVF #3, second appointment

This morning I had another appointment. I was able to finally meet the fabulous nurse who had so generously arranged to give me the extra meds. As soon as she started the ultrasound, she asked about the famous missing right ovary., the one that’s difficult to find, the one they didn’t even bother to retrieve from in IVF #1 and IVF #2. I told her that the Dr. who’s famous for finding missing right ovaries did all of my scans during the previous IVF. She said, “I was just going to go get her.”

Dr. Wonderful finished the ultrasound. Lining looks great, follicles are meh. It’s only CD 5, but still, nobody in the room was jumping for joy. It looks like 5 on the left, 3 on the right. Though it’s doubtful that they will even attempt to retrieve from the right. I am understandably disappointed, and hope that there are a few hiding on the left. Five follicles doesn’t give us much to work with. Blood work will be back this afternoon and they’ll let me know if I need to increase the Gonal F.

Update: The nurse just called. They want me to increase the Gonal F, back up to 450 for a few days :( Hopefully Friday's ultrasound will show some results.


  1. Hopefully you have a couple on the left that will grow and be spotted next time. Try not to be too negative (I know it's hard) but I truly believe that staying positive and just taking everything one day at a time can have a good impact on your cycle. Fingers crossed for some good follies at your next appointment.

  2. Hoping your visible ovary comes up trumps for you:) I can imagine it's disheartening for you, but I'm holding hope up for you;)