Thursday, June 2, 2011

What’s under the kitchen sink, you ask?

water, water, water

If I had to count the number of times a plumber has been to this house, or our previous house in Dublin, it would likely be over 20. Most of the plumbing issues seem to occur, not surprisingly, in the kitchen. Upon finding a rather large leak at the previous house, the plumber repaired it with a paper towel and a rubber band. Much to my surprise, it worked fairly well. Not perfect, but good enough.

We’ve had some electrical and plumbing problems at this house, but nothing compared to the first place. Last month, the dishwasher stopped dissolving the soap pellet in the little drawer. Meh, I didn’t want to be a pest, so I just left the drawer slightly ajar, which, usually, worked. Two weeks ago I found a large amount of water on the lower shelf under the kitchen sink. Since it was affecting the wood, I did go through the proper channels and arrange for the plumber to have a look.

I gave him the history of the dishwasher and the leak (the soap, and the fact that water only appears after the dishwasher has been run), and left him to work. I later found out that he repaired “a loose connection” with tape.

Well, wouldn’t you know, this afternoon we discovered a rather large leak on both the top and bottom shelf, under the sink. Someone will be here to have a look tomorrow. We’re placing bets on how this will be fixed. Glue? Staples, perhaps?

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